Deep Listening Sessions

What is Deep Listening with Jenny Rose Smith?

Deep Listening is a practice.

A practice that supports you to develop the capacity to trust the wisdom of gently coming closer in to yourself.
Together we explore this in such a way that you can receive your experience with kindness, curiosity and patience rather than bracing or hardening against what is here.


Deep Listening supports you to:

  • Attune more fully to the felt sense of your present experience.

  • Unlearn patterns of overly listening to conditioned thinking.

  • Create space and safety around places of contraction and tightness. 

  • Feel more deeply at home in your own body & in the wider body of nature within which we are all held.

This tender, powerful approach soothes and softens anxiety's signature tune of a closed heart and reactive mind. Over time it can root us back down into the safety of a more regulated nervous system, one that can welcome, allow and integrate the different energies that continue to move through us. in doing so, we can begin to rest more fully in ourselves whilst receiving the subtle yet strong holding from life's embrace.


























                                                                          Becoming By Brigidina




What can I expect from a Deep Listening session?


Our Deep Listening sessions will be a combination of meditative awareness, body tracking and a sharing of any feelings, insights or reflections that want to be expressed.

Typically a session may start with a verbal exchange to support an initial connection, followed by a simple practice to settle the nervous system and then dropping in more deeply to what is being felt in the body.

The embodied connection with yourself is primary; the issues that this leads you to share about are secondary.


Sessions will be underpinned by gentle encouragement for you to deepen into your own connection, guidance, knowing and wisdom.


Most sessions are focussed on the relationship that you have with yourself, and how to strengthen your capacity to come closer in to your experience as it moves through your body, your feelings, your mind and your energy field.


I am also offering a three session series at the moment for people who would appreciate a deeper and more embodied exploration of their relationship to uncertainty / anxiety.  See here for more info

'I loved our session Jen. Your deep listening felt full of - and elicited in me -  warmth, respect, trust and embodied intelligence; it prompted a new frame on an issue I wanted to look at, and your gentle questing helped bring forward the resources I needed. I highly recommend your sessions!' CM


At the end of a Deep Listening session you may feel: 

     ~ A softer, deeper & fuller connection with yourself.  

     ~ More present and allowing of what is moving through you. 

     ~ Increased spaciousness around parts of you that have been held tightly. 

     ~ More awareness of being rooted into and held by a supportive and nourishing energy field.

   ‘Jen, I so appreciate your presence. I feel a fierce love from you, and can relax around you because I really trust you'.

~ Jasmine, group participant

Working with me:

I offer initial stand-alone Deep Listening sessions to explore and experience the work and to see if it feels right to work together.
If, after our first session you would like to continue with Deep Listening I offer block bookings of either three or six x

90 minute sessions. Committing to a series creates a container for an ongoing exploration into particular areas of life and supports a deepening into the practices of slowing down, sensing and receiving our felt sense experiences, our intuitive knowing and the holding presence of the energetic field of being.

Go here to book a single 90 minute Deep Listening session

Go here to book a Deeper Still series of three x 90 minute sessions

Go here to book an Even Deeper series of six  x 90 minute sessions

Deep Listening sessions are generally 90 minutes long to support the creation of a safe container within which it becomes possible to journey more deeply into. If you have a preference for shorter and more regular sessions. Please email me and we can talk it through.

'The space Jenny held enabled me feel so safe and loved that my issue was able to arise and flow out of me right

from the beginning of our session. There is something just so powerful about being truly heard and understood

that in itself allows our issues to unravel and Jenny’s capacity to hear, hold and reflect back both what is said

and what is not said is illuminating. I left the session feeling immensely complete, because all the scattered

pieces within had the opportunity to come out and land.'

Avanti Shivpuri.

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