About JennyRoseSmith

This work is the culmination of a thirty year journey concurrently through the outer trails of worldly work and the vast, deep terrain of inner life. 


I have been equally shaped and formed through an amazing career on extraordinary frontline crisis services, managing community & social projects at local, regional, national and global levels, alongside my dedicated, often zealous inner world exploration supported through deep friendship, creativity, psychotherapy, parenting and meditation & embodiment practices.

There has never really been a distinction for me between the impact from the work that I have done out in the world and the work that I have done within myself…. The deeper I have gone inwardly, the greater my capacity to hold and support outwardly has become.  Conversely, my extensive work with marginalised people and stigmatised social issues has repeatedly turned me towards caring for my own experiences of internalised stigma and oppression.


As I have become older I have increasingly known that slowing down and working more with the elements of silence and stillness are the most important gifts for both myself and those that I support. I feel absolutely sure now that the place from which we listen to each other is the single, most significant factor in what makes a difference to the experience of being truly served in human relationship.

I would love you to join us in a Deepening Into Being Together weekly guided meditation online, or to book a Deep Listening Support Session if you feel drawn.

The meditations, groups and one to one Deep Listening sessions take place online and in West Wales where I now live.


Trainings and bodies of work that I have studied and worked with:

~ Joanna Macy's Work That Reconnects.
~ TreeSisters Sistering & nature re-connection.

~ Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork (MTI).

~ Hakomi (am currently training).

~ Jewels Wingfields Women's Initiation & Grief Work.

~ Marlies Cocheret Meditation and Women of the World work.
~Self Cervix programme


Contact us at: JennyRoseSmith123@gmail.com

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