"Jenny has shown me how to connect with my deeper wisdom, in particular my subtle energy and somatic needs.  She has huge compassion, discernment and capacity to be with the unknown and challenging aspects of being human"



Jennifer Horsfal Therapist, friend and co~facilitator

Deep Listening...

"It is a true gift to have Jenny in my life, I know I can go to her with any aspect of my life, my experience, my human mess and it will be held and received with love and respect. She gives so much permission for people to just be exactly as they are in any moment." Abi ~ friend and Menstrual Medicine and functional medicine practitioner

Deepening into Being Together


Jenny has the upmost ability to focus and give every ounce of her skills for developments and multi-faceted complex strategic project plans. Jenny does this all with complete groundedness, and clear vision." Sara, COO, TreeSisters

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