'As I have become older, I have increasingly known that slowing down and working more with the elements of silence stillness and the felt sense are the most important gifts for both myself and those that I support.


I feel absolutely sure now that the place from which we listen to each other is the single, most significant factor in what makes a difference to the experience of being truly served in human relationship'.

All of my work is rooted in the practices of deep listening, attentive receiving and gentle enquiry.

"It is a true gift to have Jenny in my life, I know I can go to her with any aspect of my life, my experience, my human mess and it will be held and received with love and respect. She gives so much permission for people to just be exactly as they are in any moment."

Abi ~ friend and Menstrual Medicine and functional medicine practitioner

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'Imagine you arrive in safe, gently held container, where all of you and each and every particle of you is being welcomed to the space- and I mean all of you. You land softly and are introduced to the new way of receiving yourself. Jenny Rose is an incredible, fully present and beautiful holder and guide throughout the process. Thank you from all my heart for this gift.'

Agnieszka Czernomord Friend and Womb Belt Ceremonial Facilitator


Jenny's experience and skills in the area of listening shone through, as she skilfully facilitated us as a group. She met each individual exactly where they were with kindness and sensitivity. I would highly recommend her bespoke listening courses.
Helen Aberystwyth University support services.


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