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Stress Management ~ Online. 


This is a lovely course that I teach via Aberystwyth University Life Long Learning Department.

It is experiential and online, open to anyone  who would like to attend.

 It is very affordable at £55!


'Great facilitation! You present the materially really clearly,  making it accessible and relevant for each participant regardless of role or experience. You are also very skilled at creating a safe learning environment, and in inspiring us to engage deeply.'

Elin Mabbutt Lifelong Learning Coordinator Aberystwyth University

We'll meet for 6 consecutive Thursday mornings 10am-12pm starting January 25th


We will cover:

  • The Physiology of Stress ~ AKA Our nervous systems.

  • The Window of Tolerance model of regulation.

  • Mindfulness and how it can be used to interrupt habitual stress patterns.

  • The role of Compassion in Stress Management

  • The power of assertiveness and boundaries.

This is an assessed course so there will be two pieces of coursework

A multiple choice test

A reflective essay.

Lots of support is available for the assessment side of the training and it's a great way to embed our learning more deeply.

If you would like to book a place let me know by emailing me on

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