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'I feel sure that the place from which we listen to each other is the single, most significant factor in what makes

a difference to the experience of being truly served in human relationship'.


Jenny Smith.

Listening Courses ~ Online and In Person. 

I call my approach to listening Deep Listening.

 It is ideal for anyone whose personal or professional life calls them to be present to themselves and others

in ways that invite authenticity,  open-heartedness and a depth of connection.

Deep Listening is rooted in Mindfulness, Hakomi Psychotherapy, Rogerian Active Listening and Nervous System Science, and offers a quality of  listening that minimises the risk of burnout and nourishes the listener as well as the speaker, therefore making it sustainable for the long term. 


Current Courses:

Deep Listening for Deep Times Skills & Practice ~

A 6 week immersive online training 


Bespoke Listening Training ~ 

Tailor made sessions to suit your time-scale and budget.


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