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Bespoke Listening Courses ~ Online and In Person. 


I offer short and longer courses that teach a sustainable, trauma sensitive & nourishing approach to listening. 

My approach is experiential and combines Active Listening Skills from Carl Rogers with a Receptive Practice Ground from Mindfulness, Nervous System Science & Hakomi Method. 


​Short online and in person courses can include:

  • Listening as a Life Skill

  • Looking after Ourselves as Listeners

  • Finding the Sweet Spot of Our Listening

(If you would like to discuss having them as in-house sessions in your work place, please email me on to discuss.)

' I have come to believe that a very sensitive listening is one of the most powerful forces for growth that I know and that it plays a large part in our future'.

Carl Rogers.




'I think your listening course is brilliant and that the need is very high for this, especially for people who aren’t trained therapists but who are support workers or have jobs in the voluntary or public sector. It contains real burnout and depletion prevention stuff.

Fabulous structure.

Great delivery.'

Jennifer Horsfall Gestalt Therapist.


Bespoke Listening for your team and organisation.

I am happy to meet with you to create a bespoke listening training to meet your needs.

These courses are available online and in person. 

These courses can be designed for the voluntary, educational and care sectors, as well as small communities, private organisations and small groups

The material is drawn from my three decades of experience of:

~ Setting up regional and national listening projects within the voluntary sector.

~ Mentoring students in education.​

~Working in the care sector both administratively and delivering 1:1 care.

~Working as a freelance trainer for NACRO and Self Injury Support.

~Working as a 1:1 Hakomi practitioner

I bring a particular perspective to listening that supports a sustainable and nourishing approach for listeners.

It combines traditional active listening skills with a receptive listening practice that draws from Mindfulness and Nervous System science.

I am available to co-create and deliver a bespoke listening training with you and your team.

The course length and depth can vary to suit your needs and budget.

A training as such, may include some of the following:

  • Why and how do we listen?

  • The beneficial impacts of being listened to.

  • Looking after ourselves as listeners.

  • Active skills and receptive listening practice.

  • Trauma sensitive listening through a Nervous System awareness lens.

  • The importance of congruence, empathy and loving kindness.

  • Becoming more present with ourselves and each other.

  • Listening as a life practice.


Please email me at to make a time to talk through your needs,

and to explore whether I am the right facilitator for you.


Would you like to join my Deep Listening Skills and Practice for Deep Times ~

A Six Week online immersion Training ~ Starting February 2024.

Please go HERE for more information

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