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Jenny Rose Smith Terms and Conditions.



Terms & Conditions for 1:1 Deep Listening / supervision sessions; and for taking part in groups and trainings:


1:1 sessions: You have agreed to pay £55 per hour / £75 per 90-minute session.  Please pay for the session on the day or before the day of the session. If you are paying by BACS please give put your name and the date of the session as your reference.

Groups: Are paid for in full at time of booking

Cancellation policy:
1:1 sessions: If a session is cancelled by you with 72 hours or more notice, I will offer you alternative dates to rearrange.
If the session is cancelled by you with less than 72 hours, please pay the full fee.

Groups: If you cancel your place:

More than 6 weeks before the group commences you will be refunded 75% of your charge or offered a place on a comparable course.

6-4 weeks before the start of a course you will be refunded 50% or offered a place on a comparable course. 

4-2 weeks you will be offered 25% refund or offered a reduction on a place on a comparable course

Less than two weeks, depending on circumstances you may be offered a reduction on a future course place.

If I cancel a 1:1 session at any point, you will firstly be offered an alternative time and secondly you will be offered a full refund if an alternative time is not a good option for you.

If I cancel a group session you will be offered an alternative date for the missed time. If we are not able to find a new group time you will be refunded at the pro rata rate for time missed.


1:1 sessions: If you are late for a session, I will send a reminder email a few minutes in. If I do not hear back from you within half an hour of the session starting, I will close the online meeting room. You will be charged for any booked sessions that you do not attend.


Groups: There is an expectation that you will endeavour to attend all sessions of any group that you have booked on to. If you know in advance that this is not going to be possible, please contact Jenny to talk it through.


I safeguard your anonymity wherever possible.

There are exceptions to confidentiality. As the therapist, I may find it necessary to break confidentiality if it is felt that you or someone else could be at risk or when there is a legal obligation to do so. There is a legal requirement to break confidentiality if there is a disclosure of terrorism and or drug money laundering, data subject access requests or via a court order for disclosure.

I may keep short process notes about the sessions.  These will be kept securely until the end of your sessions then destroyed.


Data protection & Future Communications:

Jenny Rose Smith will respect your privacy.

This site will only collect, store and use your personal information for defined purposes.

Your information is collected to support and enhance my relationship with you, to process your booking, provide service and support, and share news of products, services, news and information with you.

I do not and will not sell your personal information.

You also may ask at any time to see the personal data you have given us and request correction or deletion. 

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