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 A self-paced, guided, experetial exploration into Deep Listening.

Deep Listening is quality of listening that increases connection, reduces isolation, soothes distress, invites safety, and inspires deeper truths to emerge.

This quality of listening is akin to presence, a relaxed spacious approach where we as listeners are present to ourselves and the other in ways that are receptive, clear and honest.
It is a quality of listening that has the capacity to nourish ourselves as listeners as well as those that we listen to.

In these sessions we travel through seven steps together exploring the whys, the whats and the hows of Deep Listening.

This product has an unlimited licence and can be shared with any number of people.

Learning to Listen ~ Unlimited Licence.

  • 7 x MA4 files.

    Each approximately 10 minutes.

    Unlimited licence ~ This product can be shared on an unlimited basis.

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