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'Learning to Listen is one thing that all of us could do that would bring about positive change'.

Take the 'Learn to Listen in 7 days' challenge.

'Learn to Listen in 7 Days' is the beginning of a beautiful journey.
A journey where you get to explore the why, what and how of your relationship to listening. Even if you are an accomplished listener the challenge will give
you a valuable opportunity to return to and reflect upon the foundations
of your practice.

~ Increases connection and relaxation.
~ Reduces isolation and stress.
~ Supports you and those you listen to, to come more into the present moment.

Listening is something all of us can learn to do, and is something we can practice and offer anyone, anywhere. 

'Learn to Listen in 7 Days' will support you with simple practices to take your first steps into becoming the kind of listener that our world needs. A listener who can be present to themselves and others with kindness, patience, empathy and care.

Originally a free challenge to subscribers, the seven day Learn to Listen has now been made into a downloadable series that can be purchased here. You can purchase the series for single user or to be shared between different size groups.


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