This page gives you an outline of my current offerings:

'There is something in this life that each of us can lean into for sustenance, rest into for replenishment and fall into for rejuvenation. This universal field of aliveness, called by many different names continually gifts us with support and holding through everything’.

One to One Deep Listening Sessions ~ xxxxxxxxxxxx to find out more and book please go here

Deepening Into Being Together weekly online meditation ~ xxxxxxxxxxxx to find out more and book please go here

Funky Name........
Series of three stand alone or all taken together 2 hour online workshops

1) XXXX ~ Embodying anger so that it can become embodied power

2) XXXX ~ From Shame to show off!

3) XXXX ~ Committing to Care

Introduction to meditation ~ for anyone new to meditation who would like a gentle introduction session where you can ask questions and find out what is right for you  FREE

Enjoy a sample meditation here:

What to expect:

Each weekly meditation is rooted in the same intention ~ to pause, land more deeply in ourselves and strengthen our conscious connection to the energetic field of presence and love that we are held within and nourished by at all times.


Everything will be offered as an invitation and you will be encouraged to find your authentic way of taking part. The instructions will be simple using our breath and bodies as our anchors. At times the sessions may draw inspiration from nature or include creative journaling or song.


You can remain completely anonymous on these calls or you can share your experience through the event page Q&A feature.


Why meditate at this time?

  • To increase the quality of connection with yourself and others ~ As we come closer to ourselves through meditation, we relax and start to listen from a deeper place within ourselves. This facilitates more intimacy, more honesty and a greater depth of quality connection with ourselves and each other. 

  • To offer your nervous system a soothing balm ~ Our individual and collective nervous systems are being strongly challenged under the pressure of increasing uncertainty in our world. Meditation can support your system to root back into a place of balance and calm.

  • To connect with your own truth ~ Meditation supports you to connect with the truth of your moment by moment experience, taking you to a deeper and truer reality than that of information overload and polarised opinion.

  • To cultivate a steady, kind and clear way of being in the world ~  As more and more of us move through life with open and steady hearts, we will collectively strengthen our global capacity to bring in the changes that are needed for life to be lived more fairly, ethically, inclusively and considerately.


These sessions are offered as gentle support, a balm for your individual and our collective nervous system,

and a way of feeling our togetherness during these times of increasing uncertainty.


My background to offer Deepening into Being Together Circles

  • I have had my own meditation practice for over twenty years.

  • Throughout my thirty year professional life I have facilitated many different experiential groups combining supportive practices and an enquiry into deeper understanding.

  • As Global Groves Project Manager at TreeSisters I held monthly online circles, initially for the women setting up sisterhood circles around the world, and laterly New Moon medication calls for the whole global network.

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