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Thank you for your interest in Deep Listening ~

It is truly one of the most profound gifts we can give ourselves and each other ~ A deeply satisfying way to turn towards safety, truth and intimacy.
Listen to the MP3 below for a more detailed introduction and a guided practice.

An introduction to orienting
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Other opportunities for Deep Listening:

Every Monday at 7pm UK, I offer a guided meditation called Deepening Into Being Together which strengthens our capacity for deep listening of ourselves and each other. All are welcome ~ you can find out more here

I also offer one to one Deep Listening sessions where you can experience being deeply listened to and supported to listen more deeply to yourself. See here for more information

Online course for women ~ Rooted In Receptivity starts on  the 5th November 20202 ~ a four week course for 6 women exploring more deeply what it means to be more fully anchored in our receptive natures. Please go here for more information 

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