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Jenny Rose Smith

Learning To Live Our Questions ~

 A month-long guided journey for 25-35 year olds to start to explore their relationship with the Deep Questions that are arising from the times we are living in.


Learning to Live our Questions ~ A month-long guided journey for 25-35 year olds to start to explore their relationship with the Deep Questions that are arising from these uncertain times is starting on October 1st 2021.

Guided and supported by: 

Jenny Rose Smith & Alice Marshall


How this has come about.

At the end of 2020 Jenny watched the 'On Being' team host a thoughtful and evocative live conversation reflecting on the experience of the past year. One of the most important acknowledgements seemed to be that through the converging factors of a global pandemic, our fragile economies, climate threat, social injustice and seemingly increasing division in our world, most of us are now finding that we have more questions than answers...

Sharing this conversation with Alice led to an exploration of hosting something ourselves ~ Something that will offer a space to those who wish to begin to come into a more conscious, curious and connected relationship with questions, ~ Learning To Live Our Questions is the result of those conversations.

What is it exactly?.

The invitation of Learning To Live Our Questions is to start to stretch our capacity to sit with questions for longer, letting go of the need for immediate right or wrong answers and instead becoming more receptive to clues, guidance and responses from deeper places within us and from wider sources that we may normally look to.

The month long experiment will be a gentle practice ground to get curious about your relationship to not knowing, a place to stretch a little out of your comfort zone of certainty and an opportunity to have an experience of being part of a group exploration.

This experience might be for you if....

* You already feel curiosity about the unknown

*  You would like to become more curious

*  You would like to stretch yourself beyond right & wrong thinking

*  New questions have arisen in you this past year that you would appreciate some space to be with

*  There is an area of your life / purpose / direction / meaning that you would like some clarity about.

*  You feel some willingness to engage in a group exploration.




















Will I have to speak in front of the whole group?

Everything we offer in this course is an invitation, so you will not have to do anything that you do not feel willing to. There will be times where we will invite sharing in the bigger group, but it won't be compulsory and there will be lots of time spent in smaller breakout groups.

I feel like I have questions but I don't know what they are....

You won't be alone in this. Sometimes there is a process that we need to go through in order to clarity what our questions are, what the most important ones are, and which of these are we ready to give our time and attention to... We will be exploring ways in which to discern these and other considerations as part of our time together

I haven't used zoom before

Zoom is a free piece of software that allows a group of us to be together online. In order to join you need to create a free account which you can do here and then we will send you a 'joining link' in an email a day or two before the course starts which you click on and then follow instructions as they appear on your screen. At the first session we will go through the basics of using zoom so that everyone is able to navigate their way around the system.
Do I need more time for this than just the two hour zoom calls?

It is completely possible to do this course by just attending the three calls. If you would like to dive deeper, we will be signposting you to further reading and ways of exploring the material in more depth.

What experience of doing this have Jenny & Alice got?

Jenny has been exploring questions for much of her life and has been facilitating groups to explore specific issues for several decades; and Alice is currently exploring her own relationship to the practice of living questions is keen to offer this kind of supported opportunity to her own age group

If you have other questions that are not covered here you are welcome to email Jenny on 



 Practical details :

  • The guided journey will take place via three zoom meetings at the beginning, middle and end of October (Dates and times below).

  • These sessions will be a mixture of 'brainfood' (background information & content), and interactive & experiential practices in small groups.  

  • We will also signpost you to further information and links to go deeper into the material should you wish.


Dates and times:

October 1st 7-9pm UK

October 15th 7-9pm UK

October 29th 7-9pm UK


The course is offered for donation ~ you can donate what feels right for you and is what is within your current financial means.

How to register

The registration process is two steps of filling out a simple form and making a donation. Please click on button below to register

There are limited spaces on the journey so we will be operating on a first come first served basis. Please feel free to share information with others that you know who might want to take part.






Be patient toward all that is unsolved i
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