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In Person Courses in Listening. 

Experiential courses introducing a sustainable and nourishing approach to listening that combines Active Listening Skills from Carl Rogers with the Receptive Practice Ground from Mindfulness and The Hakomi Method. 


Listening as a Life Skill In Person Workshop ~ Next running on 24th March 2023 Aberystwyth


We all listen in our lives, but very few of us have been taught how to. Listening well is a skill and an art form that is comprised of distinct elements. When these elements are understood and practiced listening has the power to affect change in relationships, families, communities, and the workplace.

Much of what passes for listening is not actually listening, but with a little guidance, reflection and practice we can start to really attune and attend to each other and enjoy deeper and more honest communication and connections that nourish us as well as those we are listening to. 

  • Would you like to be able to listen in ways that nourish you as well as those you are listening to?

  • Would you like to let go of trying to fix or rescue people, and instead listen in ways that genuinely meet others where they are at?

  • Would you like to understand what gets in the way of you being able to listen, and the role that regulating your nervous systems plays in listening to others?

Listening as a life skill is a workshop for anyone who would like to develop their capacity to listen. Pitched at a level to suit you whether you are new to listening or just curious to discover more about something you have been doing for some time.

This session will be experiential and practical, and in our time together, we will:

  • Clarify what we mean by listening and explore the listening styles of active, receptive and distracted.

  • Examine listening through the lens of the nervous system.

  • Practice simple techniques to support mindful presence.

  • Identify potential blocks and pitfalls of being a listener.

  • Consider the role of self-care for listeners.

  • Practice listening and being listened to.

  • Reflect on next steps of your listening going forwards.


This course in listening is grounded in a gentle and embodied approach that supports participants to deepen into a quality of listening that is effective and nourishing for both themselves and those they are listening to.




Looking After Ourselves as Listeners In Person Workshop ~ Next running on March 31st 2023 Aberystwyth

Our world is in need of skilful and sensitive listeners right now and given that the current pressures on life are set to continue our capacity to listen needs to be robust and enduring. Therefore we need to look after ourselves as listeners.

When we ground our listening in healthy boundaries, kind self-awareness and a commitment to self-care, we will be able to sustain a quality of listening that is receptive, resourced and responsive.

Looking After Ourselves as Listeners is an invitation to you to take some time to listen to yourselves and reflect on your listening practice in a safe, gentle and well held group.

  • Are you someone who enjoys listening to others in your work or in your private life?

  • Would you like to be able to sustain your capacity to listen well as we continue to move through pressured times?

  • Would you like the way you listen to nourish you as well as those you listen to?

Looking After Ourselves as a Listeners is a  workshop for anyone who is already listening in work or life and who would like to explore ways of listening that are nourishing and sustainable for the long term.

This session will be experiential and practical, and in our time together, we will:

  • Reflect on our experience as listeners.

  • Identify the role of healthy boundaries and good self care in listening.

  • Explore how nervous system regulation can resource us and enhance our capacity to listen.

  • Introduce and explore Jenny's model of Deep Listening that combines active listening skills with receptive listening practice.

  • Practice simple mindfulness-based techniques to support presence and resilience.

  • Practice listening and being listened to.

  • Reflect upon taking learnings into your listening practice going forwards.

Some experience and knowledge of active listening is required.


Finding Our Sweet Spot of Listening In Person Workshop~ Dates coming soon.

Listening well is a precious life skill and an invaluable contribution in these times where so many people are feeling under pressure and uncertain. As listeners we have the capacity to listen deeply to ourselves whilst attending to others. We also have the opportunity to deeply enjoy listening if we can find that sweet spot where we are relaxed and grounded in presence, held, listened to and nourished by the wider field of life.

  • Are you someone who enjoys listening to others in your work or in your private life?

  • Would you like your listening to nourish you more deeply at the same time that it nourishes others?

  • Are you curious to explore an approach to listening that is receptive as well as active, relaxed as well as alert, and combines the ground of meditation with the practice of attunement?

  • Would you like to be able to get curious about the habits and distractions that interrupt your listening and develop ways to return to presence with ease and grace?

  • Do you feel that listening might be part of your path this lifetime?

Finding the Sweet Spot in our Listening listening offers a delightful approach for anyone for whom listening is service, enquiry, growth or any other path of practice. Or for people who simply want to bring a more self nourishing and more mindful approach to their listening.

The session will be experiential and practical and in our time together we will:

  • Turn towards our listening practice as something that can deeply support us as well.

  • Explore the overlap between the ground of presence and the listening field.

  • Identify how nervous system awareness supports us to stay present and grounded in our listening.

  • Engage practical and accessible exercises that to strengthen our grounding into and as presence.

  • Create space to explore and reflect upon our direct experience of practicing in this way.

Deep Listening for Deep Times ~ 6 Week Training ~ Starting April 2024.

Are you someone who wants to commit to developing their listening skills so that you can continue to offer them in ways that are sustainable and nourishing?

Would you like to have an in-depth understanding of how the active skills of listening are held by the receptive more meditative practice ground of listening?

Are you interested in being able to listen from an embodied and trauma sensitive approach?

Five two-hour sessions and one 1:1 over a six-week period in a closed online group.

Deep Listening Training is for you if you are new to listening and keen to develop your practice; and also, for those of you who are experienced listeners wanting a safe space and reflect, explore and deepen into a quality of listening that is nourishing and sustainable for you and those you listen to.

We will cover:

~ Receptive Listening practice.

~ Active Listening skills.

~Nervous system science of stress.

~Trauma sensitive Listening.

~Self-care as a listener.

The training could support your listening in many roles including ~ parent, carer, therapist, support worker, teacher, doctor, nurse, receptionist, hairdresser, manager, mentor, youth worker, social worker, facilitator, befriender, helpline staff, drop in workers and outreach staff. 


The group will be largely experiential to support you to deepen into a quality of listening that nourishes and sustains both you and those that you listen to. The sessions will include some background material to contextualise our learning, and you will be invited to have a 1:1 session with Jenny during the course to explore any aspect of your learning and / or your listening practice.

Booking essential for a fixed number of places.

Dates and booking information coming soon.

Please email Jenny on if you would like to be notified 


Bespoke Listening for your team and organisation.


Courses available online and in person.

These courses are designed for the voluntary, educational and care sectors.

The material is drawn from my three decades of experience of:

~ Setting up regional and national listening projects within the voluntary sector.

~ Mentoring students in education.

~Working in the care sector both administratively and delivering 1:1 care.

~My training in Hakomi Psychotherapy and in Mindfulness & Meditation instruction.

I bring a particular perspective to listening that supports a sustainable and nourishing approach for listeners.

It combines traditional active listening skills with a receptive listening practice that draws from Mindfulness and Nervous System science.

I am available to co-create and deliver a bespoke listening training with you and your team.

The course length and depth can vary to suit your needs and budget.

A training as such, may include some of the following:

  • Why and how do we listen?

  • The beneficial impacts of being listened to.

  • Looking after ourselves as listeners.

  • Active skills and receptive listening practice.

  • Trauma sensitive listening through a Nervous System awareness lens.

  • The importance of congruence, empathy and loving kindness.

  • Becoming more present with ourselves and each other.

  • Listening as a life practice.


Please email me at to make a time to talk through your needs,

and to explore whether I am the right facilitator for you.


'I have co- facilitated with Jenny Smith on numerous occasions delivering training in resilience, wellbeing and empowerment.  She is a highly skilled facilitator and trainer bringing and integrating a wealth of relevant professional experience from previous roles.  Jenny is a creative, dynamic and open minded facilitator with a capacity to bring insightful offerings to the group.  Her presence, depth and integrity support participants in feeling held and able to stretch out of their comfort zone.  She is a highly professional and reliable trainer who can deliver bespoke packages to suit the needs of the client'.

Jennifer Horsfal, Gestalt Psychotherapist.

Jenny's listening training background and qualifications 

  • Counselling Skills Certificate.

  • Rogerian Humanistic Client Centred Listening Skills trained.

  • Hakomi Therapy ~ Currently training in.

  • Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness practitioner.

  • Student teacher with Zenways Mindfulness & Meditation training programme.

  • Training the Trainer city and guilds.

  • Trained Facilitator of Joanna Macy's 'The Work That Reconnects'.

I worked in the voluntary, care and education sectors for three decades, and have trained hundreds of people in large teams to work on crisis listening services.

These courses were designed and delivered by me along with co-workers for some sessions. 

I worked as a freelance trainer for NACRO delivering drugs awareness training to multi-disciplinary teams, and similarly for Self-Injury Support offering self-harm awareness trainings to a diverse range of professionals.

Listening has always been the heart of what I have taught and practiced myself.

I am trained in Rogerian Listening skills, trauma sensitive mindfulness and Hakomi Mindfulness & Somatic based psychotherapy.

I am also a mother, and have worked as a carer, a student mentor and a therapist all of which have grown and shaped my listening skills.

I am passionate about how we can ensure that our listening is sustainable for the long term, as it becomes increasingly apparent how much listening will play a role in our necessary evolution in these coming years.

Related Work Experience:

Bristol Royal Society for the Blind ~ Volunteer Co-ordinator matching volunteers as befrienders with people who were blind or partially sighted. Trained the volunteers in listening skills.

Bristol Drugs Project Co-ordinated volunteering programme in 1992 training volunteers to listen to clients in various settings including ~ phone line, drop in, 1-1 counselling, needle exchange, outreach, women's group. The training programmed included 8 weeks of listening skills practice.

Bristol Mind Regional helpline manager~ in 1995 recruiting, training and supervising a large team of volunteers to staff a night-time listening support line for adults experiencing mental health distress.

Self-Injury-Support national service for girls and young women 12-25. Project manager training a large team of volunteers in listening skills over 10 weeks to respond sensitively and effectively via text and email.

Bristol Sixth Form college and Aberystwyth University ~ One to one mentor listening to and supporting students with mental health difficulties.

TreeSisters reforestation charity. Project Managed 'The Groves' ~ Managing a global network of women's groups to support each other to take sustainable local and global reforestation action.

NACRO ~ Freelance Trainer ~ In drugs awareness.

Self-Injury Support ~ Freelance Trainer in Self injury awareness.

National Mind ~ Freelance writer on subjects of both Self-Harm and Ecotherapy.

Private practice ~ Offering 1:1 Deep Listening sessions, group facilitation and freelance trainer in listening skills. 



Please email me at to make a time to talk through your needs,

and to explore whether I am the right facilitator for you.

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